Our Railway Track

Our Railway track

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Like most Societies, we have a ground level rail track. Ours can be found at Lynnsport Leisure Park on Greenpark Avenue, King’s Lynn. As of 2017, it was in the process of being relocated and we re open for rides properly in 2018.

The new Railway is built from high quality materials. The track is constructed from rolled rail section and recycled plastic sleepers for a smooth ride and is laid for 5 and 7.25 inch gauges. The track is completely fenced in to meet health and safety requirements.

The Lynnsport Miniature Railway is our permanent track. It is available for members use at almost any time in the year. We can start any day after 9am and operate until dusk, the only exceptions being those few dates when the sports centre is closed. We also have on-site workshop facilities to support the track.

Our new Railway is built as an improvement on what we had before to the western side of the leisure centre. Our station is now completely under cover, and we have two long platforms available for use.

There is also a long parking loop just outside the station for trains not being used. The offloading facilities are superior to what went before in that we have both a hydraulic table capable of 350kg mounted on traverser rails, connecting up to four loco prep bays. One of those prep bays has a ramp which can be extended and lowered into a trailer, so longer heavier locos can be offloaded.

Here is our track layout, pictured below

We have Public Liability Insurance cover for the operation of our models on our railway tracks.

The Club has a 7.25 inch gauge Drewry Class 04 inspired loco which is available for use by any member. It is powered by 2 x 12v leisure batteries and is fitted with a 4QD electronic controller with handheld control box with sprung throttle lever.

The loco was built in 2009 by a long standing Club member and has a 1 horsepower Bosch motor driving it.

This loco was supplied in April 2013 in exchange for the Club’s 5″ gauge Class 08 shunter. The ’08’ had done many years service but proved underpowered for the frequency of running dates and the loads to be shifted.

This new Class 04 is a proven design and several other members in the Club run this motor and battery combination, it will work a day’s service with no trouble.

The old railway was becoming increasingly popular before its closure, we hope the new track will prove equally if not more popular with the locals. We have a small number of 7¼ inch gauge sit-in passenger trolleys. A speed limit of 5mph applies for public running.

There have been a number of working parties on the Lynnsport Railway over the years, if you are interested in lending a hand, contact the Committee for details.