Portable Track

Our old portable track!

Our club has always had a portable track – back in the early days it was a raised 3.5″ and 5″ track made from Dexion which we took out to fundraising events and garden fetes.




Our current portable track, in action at Walpole Flower Festival

In the 1990s when we moved to Lynnsport, a new portable track was built for ground level use and we have been touring it ever since.

Our current portable track is 60 metres long and we have been taking it out to local events over the past few years. These events include Walpole Flower Festival, the Fenland Food and Craft Fair, King’s Lynn Heritage Day and the Wisbech Christmas Fayre.

Want to hire our portable track?

We are always open to suggestion as to events we can take our portable track to. Our basic requirements are:

  • A long strip of level grassland for the track to be laid on, no less than 3 metres wide  (ideally 5) and 70 metres long with no obstacles. We can lay the track on tarmac surfaces also.
  • Not too far from our home base of King’s Lynn, no more than 15 miles.
  • For charity events, we will give a split of our fares revenue (typically one third) to the named charity.
  • We cannot attend events who wish to charge us a fee for being there

In the first instance, please contact either our club chairman or secretary with your proposal, we will then discuss amongst ourselves and if suitable, we will be in touch to meet up and make the necessary arrangements and agreements.

Some photos of our portable track can be found on the club’s Gallery page, to give you an idea of the space we will need and how we set up.