About the Society

Good turnout for our last run of 2014The King’s Lynn & District Society of Model Engineers was formed in 1970, to bring together all those in the area interested in Model Engineering.

We’re a small friendly club comprising of – at present – just over 40 members, who have many interests from railways to traction engines, stationary engines, model aeroplanes, miniature road vehicles.

Trains, planes…. and everything else!

The Walks Railway
Steaming in the Walks

Like many Societies, a large portion of our membership is interested in miniature railways, and one of the Club’s earliest aims was to build a track to run the models on. Our first track was a 3.5″ and 5″ raised track situated in the Walks, a central parkland in the town

In the early 1990s we were moved to the new leisure centre, Lynnsport. We enjoyed 25 years operating a circuit on the western side of the main Sports Hall before regeneration and a new access road meant we had to relocate.

Steam lorries

With the aid of both the Borough and County Council, we have been moved to a larger location within the Lynnsport site. Our new tracksite is situated to the south of the main building, adjacent to the Kaset skatepark, and this is more visible to visitors and the public. The new site is also some 20% larger than the original and we have laid this out with completely new track, formed of flatbottom rail and recycled plastic sleepers.

Our membership also has a healthy interest in traction engines – which can run within the Railway field – model aircraft, boats, clock making, static engines, tool making… and much more besides!

Workshop Facilities

The Club has spent the past few years developing a workshop facility, accumulating machine tools, including a lathe, vertical mill and pillar drill.

If you cannot afford, or have the room for, your own workshop, join the Club and you can use the equipment.

Not an engineer?

If you’re not an engineer, don’t worry, not all of us are. Some of us just come and play trains, operate the Railway and enjoy the company and drink tea! We’re always interested to meet others and welcome them to the Club.

If you’d like to join us, please see the Membership page for details